Socially disadvantaged groups

The department offers a spectrum of activities aimed at the target groups of social education. The Department also operates the Centre of Multicultural Education and Centre of the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Other support activities include courses focused on active  tutoring in socially disadvantaged families, multicultural activities at schools, value education for teachers, and more.

Since 2002 we have implemented several projects focused on Roma education, most of which were funded by the Czech Ministry of Education.

One of the successes of these programmes is the high number of Roma students who enrolled in and finished the study programme Social Education (in total 52 Roma students have graduated and 13 are currently studying).

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Open University, A strategic project of MU 4.0

2017 - 2022

  • encouraging Roma applicants to pursue university education via a number of motivational courses
  • education programmes for the socially disadvantaged
  • fostering openness at MU, creating a system of support measures for ethnic minorities and acquainting the academic community with the issue.
  • improving the quality of education at MU with regard to job market trends, technological progress, the requirements of heterogeneous student groups, and the needs of the society
  • the goal is to improve the relevance of the education being offered, develop a quality assessment infrastructure for the programmes, better competences in human resources, and broadening study opportunities at MU.

Head implementer: Markéta Pitrová
Implementer at the Department of Social Education: Lenka Gulová
Project Identification: CZ.02.2.69/0.0./0.0/16_015/0002418
Project link:

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Raising the Study and Life Prospects of Children and Youth form Socially Disadvantaged Environment (integration of disadvantaged groups)

2010 - 2012

  • developing the study prospects of children and adolescent from poor social background
  • focus on socially disadvantaged children and migrant children
  • training teacher assistants
  • fostering inclusive thinking
  • Project sustainability - incorporating the project in the Department's teaching activities: tutoring, leisure-time activities, preliminary years to prepare students for university studies, Roma studies and Roma language in teacher education, etc.  

Implementers: Lenka Gulová, Ema Štěpařová, Martina Kurowski
Project Identification: CZ.1.07/1.2.00/08.0118
Project link:

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Construction of Educating Pupils from Socially Disadvantaged Environment from the Perspective of the Three Worlds of Their Real Life

2013 - 2015

  • research in the education of socially disadvantaged pupils in terms of their discourse-constructed identities (at schools, in families)
  • focus on socially disadvantaged children and migrant children
  • discourse-oriented analysis combined with the analytical methods of social theatre in action

Head Implementer: Dušan Klapko
Project Identification: GP13-24036P
Project link:

Analysing Knowledge Space in Socially Disadvantaged Children

2011 - 2015

  • development of a new diagnostic method for determining school maturity which is sensitive to socio-cultural differences (culture-free diagnostics)
  • based on  the knowledge space theory

Head implementer: Denisa Denglerová
Project Identification: GPP407/11/P091
Project link:

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Internationalisation and development

Social-educational Centre in Angola, province Bié

2006 - 2012

  • opening a temporary leisure-time centre in Kuito, Bié, to serve the local children
  • training local animators and leisure-time educators to work with large groups of children
  • constructing a new centre with a playground, social-educational fieldwork
  • between 2006 and 2012 the project employed 23 students of MU and affected thousands of children and helped dozens of locals to gain access to education.

Head implementer: Lenka Gulová
Project Identification: 5/2009/07
Project link:

Developing Education in Ukraine

2015 - 2018

  • assistance to Ukrainian education ministry with data gathering and statistical analysis, and implementing the new Ukrainian law on tertiary education
  • sharing expertise of effective implementation of the ministry's goals
  • implementing drama education in teacher education at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv

Head implementer: Lenka Gulová
Project Identification: 25/2015/05, 25/2016/05,  25/2017/05
Project link:

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Progressive University Management

since 2017

  • modernising tertiary education in Ukraine
  • involving Czech schools via assistance to universities and institutions involved in tertiary education in Ukraine
  • help from teachers and administrative staff from Czech universities
  • internationalisation of Ukrainian universities and help with academic mobility
  • Constructing an internal system of quality assessment

Head implementer: Lenka Gulová
Project Identification: 25/2017/01
Project link:

Inclusion at schools

School where I am human

since 2014

  • Research at inclusion-friendly schools in the Czech Republic and Austria
  • Fostering inclusive thinking and cooperation between Czech and Austrian schools
  • Cooperation with the University of Vienna, supported by Aktion agency

Head implementer: Lenka Gulová
Project Identification: 70p7
Project link:

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Design and Innovation of Educational Programmes and Student Practicums

2012 - 2015

  • compiling know-how for social educators at schools
  • innovation and understanding social education as a field of study and research
  • designing a system of teaching practice during studies
  • introducing social educators to schools
  • innovating the study programme Social Education Teacher Training
  • practicum focused on activating the elderly

Head implementer: Jiří Němec
Coordinator: Lenka Gulová
Project Identification: CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0040
Project link:

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New directions in social education

Acquisition of Tacit Knowledge by Student Teachers During Their Teaching Practice

2013 - 2016

  • a new theoretical understanding of tacit knowledge backed by latest research in cognitive science and neurobiology
  • a new conception and implementation of research in tacit knowledge
  • using the findings in an upcoming project and in a new design of a new culture-free diagnostic method

Head implenter: Vlastimil Švec
Implementer at the Department of Social Education: Radim Šíp
Project Identification: GA13-20049S
Project link:

Enjoying Czech Heritage

2011 - 2017

  • a programme of applied research and development of national and cultural identity (NAKI)
  • creating a system of education programmes focused on education in the field of heritage preservation and presentation
  • the target group included preschool children, primary and lower-secondary school children, university students, families with children, the general public, members of the academic community, seniors, and participants with special educational needs
  • the project was implemented at 7 educational centres of the National Heritage Institute
  • it was certified in 6 methods
  • cooperation of the National Heritage Institute, the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University, the Faculty of Education of Charles University

Head implementer: Jiří Mihola 
Implementer at the Department of Social Education: Dušan Klapko
Project Identification: DF12P01OVV014
Project link:

Leveling up Scientific Researchers' Skills, Particularly in Methodology

2009 - 2012

  • the project was aimed at improving researcher competences in quality research projects by means of training with Czech and international experts
  • focus on methods that were not being used in the Czech Republic: prof. D. Albert: knowledge space theory, prof. Roger Sages: MCA, prof. Shulamith Kreitler: cognitive orientation theory
  • expanding the knowledge of various statistical analyses (time series forecasting analysis, correlation analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis)
  • emphasis on applying new knowledge in practice

Head implementer: Denisa Denglerová
Project Identification: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/09.0116
Project link:

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