Mgr. Petr Soják, Ph.D.

department head, assistant professor and course director |

Since I was a child I’ve climbed mountains and felt a connection with water. This is why I decided that my mission is to be a guide (whether clients or students). I support them in finding meaning in their life, learning new things, solving problems. At the department I deal with personal and social development, experiential learning, psychotherapy, and leadership. My inner drive is T.R.E.K.:Trust myself and those I am guiding, Restraint = have skills and abilities in my power, Enthusiasm to receive and give strokes, Know = possess and be able to convey information. CV and publications


Mgr. Dušan Klapko, Ph.D.

deputy head, assistant professor |

I have worked at the Department of Social Education since 2005. I teach social theory, social inclusion, history of social education, methodology, and courses of experiential learning. I focus my research on textbook analysis, power discourse analysis in the socialisation of Roma children, the use of theatre in teaching, and the applications of experiential learning. Among my successes I count the successful completion of  GAČR and NAKI projects for which I won the Europa Nostra award. CV and publications


Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Jiří Němec, Ph.D.

dean of the Faculty of Education of MU, associate professor |

I delight in studying topics that concern games, creativity, and experiential learning. Among other things, I teach my students how to explore the world and social-educational affairs using qualitative and quantitative techniques. In my research I focus on leisure-time education and strategies of teaching socially disadvantage pupils. I love nature and travelling, and am a keen runner, hiker, and ski-mountaineer. CV and publications


PhDr. Denisa Denglerová, Ph.D.

assistant professor |

To me, social education is a transdisciplinary path towards human survival and coexistence on this planet. My goal is to understand various cognitive frames and how they relate to the environment in which we grow up. I study the role of psychological diagnostics so that it is valuable and not exclusivist. I am also interested in the ways how school of any level can contribute to social change and also what kinds of schooling the society allows to exist. I enjoy the wind in my hair, water drops on my face, good wine on my palate, and views of landscapes both inner and outer. Testing of cognitive abilities of children in culturally diverse society | School on the way of dignity | CV and publications


Mgr. Lenka Gulová, Ph.D.

assistant professor |

I dedicate my professional and civil life to the support of individuals and development of communities. For many years, my most powerful tool has been project planning, which allows me to effectively bind theory with practice.  I have experience in working with government institutions as well as NGOs, and in addition to my thirty years of experience in this field, I am also an active member of a leisure-time society with some activities in environmental studies. Spirituality and faith, activation and motivation towards a meaningful life, and respect for others give hope to my life. Project Open University | CV and publications


Mgr. et Mgr. Martina Kurowski, Ph.D.

assistant professor |

I am a social educator, assistant professor, and an implementer of several community projects. My research focuses on the education of children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, introducing social educators to schools, and studying diversity at schools. I love travelling and networking, which is why I’m involved in our department’s international projects. Developing Education in Ukraine | Aktion | CV and publications


MgA. Lenka Polánková, Ph.D.

assistant professor and Drama Education profile director |

I focus on drama education; specifically on the Theatre of the Oppressed. Currently, I apply this method in socially excluded areas of the Czech Republic with an emphasis on the coexistence of majority and minority social groups; such as people brought up in institutional care and people without a home. I also implement a GAČR project which investigates family and school socialisation in socially excluded areas in the Czech Republic. CV and publications

Mgr. et Mgr. Markéta Sedláková, Ph.D.

assistant professor, instructor and member of the Academic Senate of MU |

Social education has taught me to seek the limits of the (im)possible and awakened my interest in intercultural and international education, diversity, discourse, and people’s actions within it. Professionally, I focus on the personal development of student teachers and the education of special-needs pupils. My work has been published in the Journal of the Czech Pedagogical Society and Social Education. Besides my doctoral studies, I am also a learner of photography and an active member of the Faculty and University Senate. CV and publications


Mgr. Barbara Strobachová, Ph.D.

assistant professor |

I studied psychology and got my Ph.D. at the Faculty of Education, MU in Brno. I deal mostly with psychotherapy and personal development, but I also enjoy working with children and students, engaging in social entrepeneurship, projects, and communities. Visit me at Slunovrat School (for observations or teaching practice) or at the department if you need a consultation on personality psychology, developmental psychology, or psychodiagnostics. Or if you want to conduct your research using the not-so-common phenomenological methodology MCA. CV and publications

Mgr. Ema Štěpařová, Ph.D.

assistant professor |

I am an assistant professor and for many years I have concerned myself with the Roma. I teach mainly multicultural education and Roma studies. At the Faculty of Education of MU, I co-introduced teaching practice in the form of tutoring provided to socially excluded children. After my son had been diagnosed with autism, I began to focus on audio-visual aids for ASD children as well. My students and I film short clips, which we then use to teach such children new skills (Denny’s method). CV and publications

Mgr. František Trapl, Ph.D.

assistant professor, assistant and contact person for internationalisation and mobility |

As naturally as we link theory with practice, so do I wish to intertwine my life with my profession. Both of these combine into my pursuit of the global human (internationalisation), human dignity (values), human acceptance (inclusion), human respect (diversity) and the education of the human soul and spirit. CV and publications


Mgr. Kateřina Štěpařová

secretary |

I have been the department’s secretary since 2009. It only took a few years before I adopted the social education mindset and changed my perception of my surroundings to such an extent that I decided to get a degree in the field. In 2018 I received my bachelor’s degree and am working towards my master’s. I live and breathe the department and am excited to meet every student who visits our “family”. I also help develop Denny’s method (making videos for children with ASD), which I teach as part of a university course.

Mgr. Dagmar Krišová

project employee and doctoral candidate |

I tackle gender-sensitive education and feminist pedagogy. My research is focused on student teachers’ awareness of gender equality and gender-sensitive education. As a member of  the Centre of the Theatre of the Oppressed I take part in teaching and developing drama education and the Theatre of the Oppressed at the department. Outside academia I am involved in the societies Brno na kole and Konsent. Towards gender sensitive education | Partner-like treatment and groupwork as part of preparing children for leaving institutional care


RNDr. Michal Černý

doctoral candidate |

I am an edTech university teacher at the Division of Information and Library Studies and a journalist. I authored multiple articles and books (e.g. Educational-Psychological Matters of Online Education, Digital Information Curatorship as a Universal Education Approach or The Learning Society). I promote technology in education which I not only implement, but also take joy in teaching and studying. I am a collector of professions and absurd resolutions, curator of learning for the sake of learning, a seeker of beauty and meaning, a baroque and functionalist aficionado. Philosophical Aspects of Social Science | CV and publications


Mgr. Lenka Ďulíková

doctoral candidate

“Only he who nurtures the spirit of free thought and the sentiment of personal responsibility is fit to call himself a teacher.” (J. A. Comenius) My goal is to motivate others to realise their potential through hands-on experience and effective communication. I work as an instructor at adaptation courses, teach and explore channels of communication between teachers and teacher assistants. I coordinate the tutoring of socially disadvantaged children, co-manage summer camps and play the guitar. I draw fulfilment from these activities.

Mgr. et Mgr. Veronika Kolaříková

doctoral candidate

My background is in sociology and social education. In my work I focus on issues of everyday social life, the composition of national identity, social discourse, social practices, norms, and social pathologies. Aside from these, I also work in museum pedagogy, and am applying my experience in the course Museum Pedagogy, which is open to students every autumn semester. In my spare time I like to paint and draw. CV and publications


Mgr. Miroslav Bielik, DiS., B.A.

doktorand |

Vyštudoval som psychológiu na FF MU. V posledných rokoch zisťujem, že takmer čokoľvek o čo sa začnem zaujímať viac, vie byť naozaj zaujímavé. V súčasnosti sa zameriavam na psychodiagnostiku v interkultúrnom kontexte, obzvlášť dynamickú diagnostiku kognitívnych schopností. Fascinuje ma ale aj rozdielnosť zážitkov ľudí z iných prostredí a kultúr celkovo. Okrem ľudí mám rád aj prírodu a pohyb. Životopis a publikace.

Mgr. Andrea Špoková

doctoral candidate |

My work and studies concentrate on career guidance, HR management, experiential learning, design thinking, and innovation. I see it as my mission to guide others towards seeing the bigger picture and looking for new, unorthodox solutions. I pursue this both at the Faculty of Education, while training new teachers in personal and social development, and as a freelance instructor and personal marketing and service design instructor. Self-experience preparation for a profession | Project management and fundraising | Personal and social development | LinkedIn

Mgr. et Mgr. Kristýna Melkusová

doktorandka |

Vystudovala jsem sociální pedagogiku na Pdf MU a také andragogiku na FF MU. Zajímá mne problematika stárnutí a stáří. Ve své práci se věnuji tématům, která jsou spjata s každodenním životem v rodině a ve společnosti. Orientuji se nejen na seniory, ale především na střední – produktivní generaci, u které může docházet a často dochází ke konfliktu rolí. Ve svém volném čase se věnuji především rodině. Mám ráda přírodu, cestování a pohyb.

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